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Day 17: I think Pakistan is doing ok

BBC did an article on Pakistan, applauding the response of the citizens to support the lower income sector. Here's how the article starts

Outside grocery stores in Karachi, a remarkable scene has been unfolding over the past two weeks. Instead of rushing home after shopping to avoid being exposed to coronavirus, many Pakistanis are pausing outside to offer food, money or other charity to the many people on the street with no “place” to shelter-in-place. These generous offers are often accompanied with a request to the recipient: “Pray that [the coronavirus] ends soon.

Here is the map of infection spread rate in the last 24 hours taken from . Pakistan seems to be doing ok so far.

Sindh government made an app to coordinate the NGO's supporting the people in these times. (Pictures below taken from Jibran Nasir Facebook page). The app will use the ID card numbers to distribute the rations evenly.

I am also wondering, what if non-caucasian ethnicities have a natural immunity to this disease? What a world would that be?


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