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Day 20: I walked in the Park

I was talking to a friend, a conversation filled with warmth and heartfelt smiles. I told her that I secretly dread the time when this lockdown will be over. The societal agreement to stay inside has relieved the pressure to be outside; the pressure that tugged at the back of my mind making me anxious, like there is a lottery taking place and if I don't go outside and perform I will miss the chance to be a part of the tribe. She took a deep breath and told me she felt the same, but she never shared because she felt shame, shame because this situation is immensely tragic for a lot of people and yet here we are, feeling relieved; a burden has lifted off our shoulders. This experience has been revealing for everyone, more so for me. Things that I took for granted were taken away and surprisingly, their absence has created a sweet emptiness, like a new home, filled with nothing but essentials, waiting to greet you with open arms.


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