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Day 21: We are Smelling the Air Outside

I was on my bicycle coming back from work, a girl walked her dog beside me.

Me: Hey, Where did you get that scarf?

Her: (smiling) This, (holding in her hands), I got it from Israel

Me: I knew it was Middle Eastern as soon as I saw it.

Where do you think this is from? ( I hold my Scottish scarf)

She: (still for a moment, squints her eyes) ummm Britain?

Me: Bingo, it is from Scotland.

I am Manan -nagu banaan-, What's your name?

(she says something, I didn't get it)

Me: Latina?

She: Nooo

Me: Well now your name is Latina 😁

(the doggo wags its tail, her cheeks reddened)

And that was a lovely interaction, just like the good old pre-corona days.


[1] Social distancing was maintained during this conversation.

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