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Day 29: Some self-reflection

Here are a few things that have come to light quite recently:

1. I am 'low-energy' on the outside. Inside my mind could be racing like a monkey followed by a corona ridden bat, outside I am like a water pond in a Japanese garden.

2. Due to obsessive thinking habits, my head is also in the clouds. Due to which I come up with an idea you could only see if you stick your head up above the clouds. I feel that everyone is up there, which is not correct.

3. I fucking love good results, they encourage me, like an afterburner in F-16*, every like, comment, follower and pat on the back makes me thunder ahead.

Here is another observation:

1. People engage with content that is emotionally charged. My low energy and head in the clouds would make people yawn and scroll to next.

This presents a paradox right, how could I be myself yet attract an audience, so I can stay motivated and continue to do what I love?

The answer I have realized for myself is : Find an idea that riles you up, that makes you utter filthy shit and makes you shout from your window like a maniac. Any topic that makes you emotional and activates you, use its energy. Use that to create


So to summarize:

1. Think of an idea that makes you want to punch someone

2. Keep your head cool and think through your idea, how would you explain it to your doggo (in the 10 Estonian words you know).

3. Fire away and be patient like a Samurai Monk.


*. Sometimes to increase the speed in a jet engine, gasoline is sprayed in the exhaust. This is called after burners. This is what you see happening in hollywood all the time.

Funfact I learned in university: if you are seeing the exhaust this means that the process has some degree of inefficiency. They are wasting fuel. In an efficient process you wouldn't be seeing the exhaust at all.

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