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Hi there !

My name is Manan. I am a Mechanical Engineer who likes to write about technology, our society and everything in between. Currently, I am working as a Mechanical Design Engineer in the automotive industry.


This blog is a journal of my journey   

Here are some things I believe and support

1. Equality of opportunity for people no matter where they are born. This is an idea for a universal passport.

2.Men have the primary responsibility for the success or failure of any relationship.

3. There is a severe lack of guidance and encouragement for young boys in our modern society.

4.Suffering is inevitable, a good life is where you choose your suffering.

5. Written word is more conducive to long term learning than video or other media.

6. A man should be strong enough to lift his woman. 

6. Keanu Reeves is immortal and Elon Musk is a galactic refugee

Okay that last part might be speculation.

If you like something then comment and subscribe, I am still figuring out if I should send out a newsletter. This place still has a lot of rough edges.

P.S I hate collecting emails.



The Estonian Academly of Arts asked me about my thoughts on the Design and Technology Futures program that I studied. In this video I talk about living in Estonia and why I believe its essential to to 'live' out of your comfort zone at least once in your life.

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