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Hi there !

My name is Manan. I am a Mechanical Engineer who likes to write about technology, our society and everything in between. Currently, I am working as a Mechanical Design Engineer in the automotive industry.

Thank you for visiting, I can be reached at hafiz.manan[at]ttu.ee


I gave a talk on October 2016 on my experience of working in different teams throughout my masters in the Design and Engineering program, here I detail the 3 core principles which are necessary for a team to be successful.

The Estonian Academly of Arts asked me about my thoughts on the Design and Technology Futures program that I studied. In this video I talk about living in Estonia and why I believe its essential to to 'live' out of your comfort zone at least once in your life.

I first visited Europe in 2012 before I finally relocated to Estonia in 2014. Before this I have never lived away from my family. Relocating and then settling in a new place was a challenging experience, here I want to share some memorable experiences that I have had during this time.