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A Complete Guide to Apartment Renting in Estonia

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

This blog post contains resources that are helpful in your search for accommodation in Estonia. This page will be updated as needed:

1. Brokers:

There are several agencies available that can help you find properties to rent, I do not recommend using any of them. Should be only used as a last resort or when the budget is not an issue

2. Aggregator Websites:

Online portals that aggregate rental ads. They are good to set alerts and keep an eye on the prices, sometimes you might find something good.

  • 1home: I have never used it so cannot say anything

  • City 24: One of the most popular, good for getting an idea about the price

  • Kuldnebors: I have never used it myself

  • KV: Another large portal, good for getting an idea about the market and prices.

  • Koduingel: They have good quality, new apartments generally, they don't take commission but the rent is expensive, probably thats how they cover their expenses. You can try them out if you are able to dish out some more money.

3. Facebook groups:

My most favorite method. This takes a lot more time and patience but you will get the most bang for your buck here.

• “Expats in Tallinn/Estonia” (in English): One of the most active Facebook groups in Estonia. Its in English and it covers all aspects related to moving and settling in Estonia. Make sure to use the search function before asking a question. • “Korterite üürimine (MAAKLERITETA!)” (in Estonian, but there’s no problem with replying to ads in English): This is one of the best groups to find a place in Estonia. I have regularly seen here very good deals. Be quick if you find something good. Answering in English is not an issue however my recommendation would be to add Estonian Text as well (Using Google Translate)

Additional Resources:

1. A very helpful Document by Work in Estonia about signing contracts

2. A good video about renting from Olga:

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