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3 habits to deal with Morning Anxiety

When you are anxious and sad it makes the puppy sad !

Anxiety sucks and morning anxiety sucks big time. That moment when you wake up groggy, your mind is like a blank slate, as light as a feather and then BAM: the feeling of impending doom hits you like a train. You feel like you have missed something to do and terrible doom is about to befall you. Worst part, you don't know what you forgot ( and you really haven't)

Here are 3 habits that helped me overcome that.

1. Chuck that phone away

Yes, seriously, throw that phone away. The light from the phone harms your circadian rhythm that messes with your sleep cycle. But worse than that, constant inflow of information races your brain, giving it little time to process that information. Therefore your mind wants to consistently stay in that state of 'chugging information'. When you sleep, all that information has to be processed and hence when you wake up you feel like you missed your flight.

What to do: Have a no-go zone for your phone, no phone allowed in the bedroom or around the bed, strictly no use of phone for at least an hour before you sleep.

Or you know, just chuck the phone out and be happy.

2. Close your eyes and breath

I feel like the word meditation has been so overused that it has almost lost its meaning. Perhaps one of my favorite definitions of meditation comes from Naval Ravikant on Joe Rogan podcast, they talk about meditation at 1h17m34s . It is really worth listening

I think that meditation is the art of having conversation with yourself'. It has been a big part of my life in some way or another for the past three years and I really want to pen down my thoughts on that.

What to do: Before sleeping, sit back on a chair, make sure your back is straight, close your eyes, breath and then just try to focus on the breathing. Thoughts will come, Good, you are on the right path. At first the thoughts will seem very obvious and very random, then they will start to become more nuanced as you sift through your mind. This is good. This is excellent because you are processing thoughts that won't fester at night and then blow up in your face when you wake up. Eventually you will reach a place where there are no thoughts, I haven't been there, except for a few fleeting moments, but in the meantime, enjoy the journey.

3. Try Cold Shower

This is a bit of a shock therapy but cold showers have a lot of benefits especially in the morning. Ever since I started to end my showers with cold water I have lost the need for any kind of caffeine in the morning to wake up. Plus it feels good when you get out of the shower (everything is warm, its like covering yourself with a blanket). There is a lot of research on this topic and many people have written about it, but suffice to say that it has worked for me.

What to do: After your usual shower, try turning water full cold before you get out, do it in the start for 5 seconds and then increase it slowly. You will start to see immediate benefits in your day.

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