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Day 14: 29th March 2020

I cannot believe it has already been two weeks.

I spent the day home. Mostly on my couch, binging on Netflix. I think my couch has some seriously addictive qualities to it. The more I stay there, the more motivation I lose to do anything.

I gathered some interesting pictures from across the globe. I hope you all enjoy


Snapshot from the a Pakistani channel. The caption reads 'Mercy written on the Eiffel tower'

I think no one among us right now is thinking about the secondary effects of this pandemic, such as the one above. My condolences to the family

Picture from Pakistan.No comments here needed

This is a picture from India. In a matter of hours, the government enforced a lockdown. The laborers and the daily wage earners who lost their jobs started walking towards their homes. What they did what nothing but shortsighted.

X-Ray of a hammerhead shark, guess you were not expecting that eh

Snapshot from Reddit. US government calling for nurses in other states.

A great Initiative by the Pakistani government to rotate the healthcare staff one week on and two weeks off

Picture from Israel, Muslim and Jewish workers praying together, one face towards Mecca another towards Jerusalem

In a matter of a month Spain has gone from zero deaths to more than six thousand.

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