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Day 28: A monologue

-Get up fuckface

-Uhhh, who dis

- What? Cheetos get stuck in your throat? Ass too numb? I am your fucking accountability demon

-demon who?

-Fucking get up before I stick my iPad up your ass

-Uh duh what..

-Tell me what you did today beside jerking off and lounging in your couch like a hobo

-Well I uhh, watched a really good Netfl.... owww, why'd you hit me

-6 months ago you wanted to be something motherfucker, you said and I quote 'wanted to change the world and make a name for yourself'

- Well yeah, I uh, its starting to come to me *burp*

- Can't believe I was assigned to your sorry ass, tell me how far are you in your "world changing plans".

- Well I uh, *sniff* I can't *tearfully* seem to know *hic* what to do

-Jerking off seems real easy eh?

-*sniff* well I uhh, quarantine..

-Well good for you we demons don't have to socially distance. You cannot jerk off any more

- I eh will try *hic*

-NO, you literally cannot, I am taking your ability to ejaculate.

- *gasp* what you can do that?

-Watch me son

-I uh, please *tearfully*

-You got 6 months, if you think dying will liberate your ass then I feel sorry for you, we get a special pass in hell for sorry fucks like you.

-*tearfully* I'll try

-I am watching you motherfucker, better pray corona saves your ass.

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